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It’s Scary How Fast We Grow Up.

We grow up so fast that it’s truly terrifying. Memories that just seem like yesterday in actuality are ones that have taken place years ago. And we can look back at the pictures that were once taken of us and only see a stranger of the person of who we once were smiling back. The truth is, I think it’s difficult for anyone to fully understand how we became the person we are today.  We realize that life has been such a blur that it has become a titanic task to even remember this journey we took from being these young faces to being older. 

And as we become old in life, things gets taken from us. And we only learn this as we start losing things that we never ever really believed was possible to lose. We learn that we end up losing and drifting away from more friends than you ever wanted to. We learn that death comes unexpectedly to make our worlds come crashing down, taking someone you never could possibly imagine being away from your life. We learn that strangers you never saw coming have this ability to come in swiftly only to disappear with a piece of your heart; a thief that you probably will never be able to catch. Dreams that inspired us to our best become shattered or replaced only instantly. 

And we change. We do things we never thought we would end up doing. We go through hardships and moments of such difficulties that you once swore could of only been thought up in dramatic movies and novels. We meet people and lose people that changes everything…literally everything. And we get caught in crossroads, where there is really no right or wrong path to take, but a choice affecting your entire future that is left up to a gamble. It’s scary how fast we grow up. How once upon a time, our lives were only just beginning and now here we are a couple chapters in with no turning back.


When I Met You.

Can you think back to that day when you met that stranger that would forever change your life? Can you remember when you first saw that person who would become your best friend or think back to when you encountered that person who you would end up falling heads over heels for? I don’t think any of us could have ever predicted or expected that one random day could have been so life altering. 

It took that one moment. A coincidence of paths colliding; an meeting due to pure chance and luck; or maybe fate and destiny working in an mysterious ways for this stranger to have just become something so much more to you. And when you first met, how could you have ever believed that this person was someone you would make new memories with and end up caring for rather than just another face in the crowd that you would pass by and forget a second later? Can you remember when you first met your friends or that person you eventually love like no other? 


You’re Worth It

There is a time I think in everyones life when we don’t feel like we’re worth it. Where we just don’t feel good enough, especially to the one who we give our hearts too and where we feel like we’re being taken for granted from our friends and family. And I think you question during these time if we’re possibly doing something wrong or how someone could ever love you back or if you’re just flawed while everyone has secretly received an manual to how to get through life. 

But I just want you to remember that you’re worth it. That you’re good enough. And I know I may be a complete stranger to you, and you may disregard me saying it because I don’t know anything about you, but please believe me. Believe you’re beautiful, inside and out. Believe that you make someone smile even when they feel like crying. Believe that you make someone happy by just talking to them even when it seems like you guys are talking about nothing. Believe that you’re even stronger then you think and could do everything in the world you put your heart too. Believe that other people believe in you. Believe that you’re worth it. 

Truth is, we rarely admit how much we care for another person. How much we love them, or how much we appreciate everything they do for us. We don’t say how much someone means to us everyday, and we forget to remind them how amazingly beautiful and special they are they are to us. But just cause we forget to say it or even show it sometimes, don’t stop believe that you’re worth it. Cause you never deserve to feel that way. What you deserve to know it that you’re extraordinary in every single way. 


“Things Change”

In life, we learn that ‘things change’ and that it’s unavoidable no matter how much we desire it not to. And as we think about things changing, most of us find ourselves in some state of sadness, because there is always a part of our life that we wished was frozen in time… to forever remain as it is.

I mean, try to remember where you were one year ago from this moment that you are reading these very words. Maybe you were at school. Or maybe at work? Or even at a friend’s house, on vacation, or maybe out of pure coincidence you were in the very same spot that you are in right now. 

And now think about how much your world has changed from then till now. I’m sure you could not of anticipated it. I’m sure the amount of what has changed even has shocked you. How in one year, your world could be completely different from what it once was. 

People who once were in your life somehow manage to walk out of it as new one walked in to it. Even those important people who were the biggest part of life only left behind memories and casually come back into it to drop by and say “hi”. We realize as much as we care and love someone, sometimes we have to say “goodbye” to take different paths and to follow our dreams. And in this new path, you will meet new people who become your best friends and your reason to live.

The beliefs that once was instilled in us has gotten replaced by new ones. That each day, let alone one year, we experienced something new and learnt from them. Sometimes our beliefs are broken by depressing experiences, and sometimes it gotten stronger because life dictated it to be so. Maybe we believe in something completely new that we never even thought about before. 

And sometimes, even who we love changes. Sometimes the people who we were completely head over heels for, somehow managed leave, leaving you heart broken and losing faith in love all together. You may even be surprised how the person you loved so much managed to pull a disappearance act that would make the greatest magicians proud.  And sometimes, the unexpected will happen as someone who randomly walks into your life, or even someone who you’ve know for so long, becomes the person your heart longs and beats for. 

And then look at yourself. Look at how much you have changed, not only by appearance and style, but as a person. That you manage to have gros so much that the person you remember one year ago is only a memory like everything else. That as your friends, family, beliefs, loves, and life changed, time managed to sneak up behind you and make you into a different person from who you once were as well. 

Things change. It’s a part of life just like breathing, eating, and sleeping. And the only thing we can do is enjoy and appreciate all that we have at this moment before it all changes. So years from now when we are looking back at everything and there will be no change left, we can smile that we took time that to make a great memories at every one of life’s twists and ‘changes’ as we grew up.


I Remember Way Back When.

I remember when I was younger and I would just let the world pass me by. Time was insignificant because it was endless. Can you think back to when you were just a kid who still believed in everything and anything? 

It’s odd isn’t it, if you were able to think that far back and remember. How imaginary figures that you scoff at was truly part of your once world. From Santa Claus going down a chimney to deliver you gifts under your Christmas tree to the Tooth Fairy sneaking into your house to replace your tooth with money. And can you remember waking up early on Saturday mornings or coming home from school only to rush to the TV to watch all the cartoons that made your imagination go wild. Those thirty minute shows seemed to take forever, taking us out of reality and into a new world where we can catch Pokemon or be superheroes. Or just hanging out with friends and  just looking up at the sky all day with no care in the world was considered to be a day well spent.

I look at kids today and can’t help feel jealous of their lives at the moment. How simplistic it seemed to be way back when. I mean instead of so many shades of grey when determining a problem or if something was right or wrong, it was just black and white. And if we did have a problem, wishing upon a star would make it all go away. And getting to know someone was easy, and liking someone was even easier because you decided if you liked someone for who they were as a person and how they made you feel rather then the irrelevant things like looks and money. 

It’s hard not to miss how when people said “You have can be anything you want”, and it was easy to believe cause it was true. Our lives were only just beginning and the future was so bright. We would imagine ourselves as teenagers or adults and was amazed by the possibilities of who we could become and who we wanted to be. Maybe we were naive not to believe life can be tougher then it was, but at least we believed in so much good that we were optimistic about everything.

And sometimes it scares me when I remember way back when and think about right now and the future. To see how much has changed, and how we lost some of the innocence and naivety we had a child because those were the feelings that made us feel free and flying away from the world of disaster. I wonder when we passed the line of where our imaginations slowly disappeared and we let reality bring us down. And most of all, I wonder if life will ever be like it was way back when. 


Time Flies

Remember when you would hear “Time Flies” or “Life goes by in a flash” from teenagers and adults when you were younger? At the time, you probably could not of comprehended what they meant or completely understood how true and non-exaggerated those statements were. How could you? Fifteen minute recesses of playing soccer or talking with friends seemed like hours. Thirty minutes of classes where it seemed like you got a lot done seemed to take forever. Six years of your life in elementary just seemed carefree and it seemed like it was going to last for an eternity.

But as you grow up, you come to realize how scares time truly is. Junior high passes by quicker then elementary did, and high school literally goes by so fast that it feels like you have only just begun, when in reality, you are saying your final goodbyes to people you’ve been with for three years or more during graduation. The memories you have obtained become blurred, comparative to the view outside the window while in a car moving 100 kilometres per hour on the highway.

As I grow older and older, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be the one reiterating what I have heard so many times before, that “Time Flies” and “Life goes by in a flash” to the youth, only surely to be ignored or to be thought to be exaggerating the truth. But I’ll know that it is far from exaggerated. Time is precious. We can not waste time worrying in the midst of depression, anger, disappointments, regrets and stress, because in the end, it might be to late to realize how lucky we are just to be alive… to have the friends and family that we do have. We must not let time become a cruel thief, robbing us of our former selves; that young innocent version of ourselves that we once were who just enjoyed life. While there is still time, no matter how quickly it passes us by, let us enjoy it.


Believe In Yourself. 

If you’re reading this right now, than I just want to let you know to believe in yourself. There are way too many people in this world right now that don’t see how incrediable they are or are happy about who they are. I think its a damn shame that there are people who fall under depression when they do not think their beautiful, talented, or worthy of love and kindness - Especially when the truth is that through the eyes of others, they are that and so much more. 

So believe in yourself. Don’t seclude yourself from everyone in the world and let this loneliness consume you during those days when you don’t feel like your good enough. Don’t be embarrassed to show off what your good at or sharing your opinions no matter how flawed you may feel or even when you believe that no cares about what you have to say. Do not allow yourself to be your own worst enemy; and do not let those monsters that live in the darkest parts of your mind win. You deserve more than that. 

The worst thing you can ever do is to give up on yourself because you’ll sink deeper into this darkness that will make you blind to how great you really are. You need to know that you are amazing. So again, if you’re reading this, please believe in yourself. 


Hello To The Past. 

There are times when I run into people from past and after saying quick hellos we walk our separate paths once again. There are days when I look at old pictures and see a younger version of myself staring back at me, surrounded by faces of people that I no longer remember or have long since become strangers with. And there are times when I am catching up with friends and a name pops up that brings back memories and makes you wonder where they are now.

There are times when I stop and think about how many people I have met through out my life. How many people who will forever be stuck in our minds a kids or teenagers versions of themselves, as if time remained frozen for them, even though time kept moving forward for all of us. It’s amazing to me how people we were stuck in a classroom with and saw everyday could now all be in different cities all over the world, be married, be a mother or father, or have careers that no one could of predicted.

At one point in our lives, these are people we had conversations with, spent time with, and made memories with. And through it all, we now have stories and information about each one of them that is tucked neatly in our brains and hardly touched. And in the end of the day, even though we lose touch with so many people in our lives, part of me will just always be grateful that I had met them at all. 

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